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For nearly 15 years, Wascos is in the great tradition of consulting engineers. Wascos has always offered high quality services to customers. Professionalism of its employees has made her a pioneer in the consideration of environmental aspects and prevention. Both during the design and during the implementation of real estate and industrial projects.
Whether we speak of asbestos, energy or health and safety coordination, our office always offers bespoke studies. Let's be concrete :
Wascos engineers apprehend,on the ground, all your real constraints to develop, in the office, the solutions best suited to your requirements.
Wascos is with you in your projects to a better world for man and nature. Engineering solutions & services ...


Wascos specializes since nearly 15 years in the problem of asbestos in the buildings. We are seeing our customers special, private or public, the smaller sites to complete sets of buildings. And this in all aspects (inventories, tips, terms of loads, monitoring and control of the work...)



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